Genesis and M4/V4/K4 content

Earlier this year DAZ introduced the Genesis figure — or series of figures, as they like to call it — as part of DAZ Studio 4.

Much of the content made for previous generations of DAZ figures (Victoria 4, Michael 4, The Kids 4, etc) can also be used with Genesis. Here is a brief overview of the situation:

Textures for V4/M4/K4 can be applied without modification. In DAZ Studio you simply need to select the appropriate UV set on all surfaces.

Clothing can be converted with Auto-Fit (sold separately, and included in DAZ Studio 4 Advanced and Pro). Currently it has limitations, so I recommend visiting the forums at DAZ for more information about this. Clothing can also be converted using the Content Creator Toolkit (sold separately, and included in DS4 Pro).

Auto-Fit supports fourth generation figures out of the box. Addons are required to convert third generation content: Gen 3 Iconic Shapes for Genesis

Morphs from the fourth generation figures can be converted with Genesis Generation X. For best results you also need V4 and M4 Shapes for Genesis.

Addons are available for GenX to enable support for third generation content: GenX AddOn Gen3 Bundle

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