Here's a little list of known good sources for freebies in no particular order. I will update this post as I find more and suggestions are welcome :)

DAZ Freepozitory
http://free.daz3d.com/ DAZ's old freebie archive
Lots of stuff both good and bad. Finding the gems can be difficult, but they are there.
If your Japanese is a little rusty, use an online translation service such as Google Translate.
A selection of free models, rotated weekly (more or less). On the main page, browse down until you see "This week free models".
OptiTex Dynamic Clothes
Dynamic cloth freebies for DAZ Studio.
Quim Abella
Lots of free characters (incl. skin textures) for the older DAZ figures.
Some nice clothing and accessories.

There are in fact lots and lots of sites around the internets offering free models and whatnot, and probably most of them are not legit. Be careful.

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