Using textures made for Victoria 4 on Michael 4


  • UVMapper Classic (free)
  • a text editor; Notepad might do, or try Notepad++
  • Michael 4 and Victoria 4
  • basic file management skills (priceless?)

Swapping the UVs using UVMapper Classic

  1. Start UVMapper Classic
  2. From the File menu, select Load Model...
  3. Open Victoria 4's mesh
    After it's done loading, you may get a popup saying "Error opening material library", this is normal.
  4. From the File menu, select Export UVs...
  5. UVMapper gives you a window with options, deselect them all and click OK
  6. Choose the location and a name for the exported UVs. You need this file later, so pay attention here! I saved mine as C:\V4UV.uvs
  7. From the File menu, select Load Model...
  8. Open Michael 4's mesh
    Again after it's done loading, you may get a popup saying "Error opening material library", this is normal.
  9. From the File menu, select Import UVs...
  10. Locate the file you saved in step 6 (C:\V4UV.uvs) and click OK
  11. From the File menu, select Save Model...
  12. Browse to the location where you have Michael 4's mesh, and save this altered copy with a different name (blMilMan_m4b_V4UV.obj)

We now have a copy of Michael 4's mesh which is compatible with textures made for Victoria 4.

Making a new CR2

  1. Locate the CR2 for Michael 4
    (../Runtime/Libraries/Character/DAZ People/Michael 4.cr2)
    and make a copy of it in the same folder. I named mine M4 V4UV.cr2
  2. Open the copy (!) in a text editor
  3. There are two lines that look like this:
    figureResFile ":Runtime:Geometries:DAZPeople:blMilMan_m4b.obj",
    both of these lines need to be edited to match the file name of the new mesh we saved earlier (blMilMan_m4b_V4UV.obj). They should look like this:
    figureResFile ":Runtime:Geometries:DAZPeople:blMilMan_m4b_V4UV.obj"
  4. Now save the file.

All done! If it works, congratulations. If not, post a comment and I'll look into it :)


  1. thank you sooo much! <3 (^__^)
    for weeks i yearned to use some beautiful V4 makeup or skins on M4 and couldn't. Mina isn't cheap, and the remapping way through daz 4.5 i couldn't grasp. with your solution, it was done in 10 min! and works with the normal M4++ too when i load the m4b_V4UV.obj's UV. plus i discovered 2 new useful progs.
    ~manekineko aka pH~

  2. Thank you so much!
    I did it the other way around as I wanted some M4 texture on a V4-male. Brilliant and easy-peasy! (Of course I switched the V4 and M4 obj's in the instruction).
    As I have standard models (with a set of clothes etc already loaded) my CR2's tend to be quite big, and Notepad++ can't open them.
    If you're experiencing the same I'd suggest EditPad Lite (www.editpadlite.com, free for personal use).

    Thank you again for this brilliant How-To!