Using textures made for V4 or M4 on The Kids 4

If you don't use DAZ Studio, you will need to download Kattey's remaps from sharecg. Kattey's freebie includes instructions. RTEncoder is required to use them.

The procedure described below is for DAZ Studio 3 users, the free version will suffice. The instructions cover both V4 and M4: at certain steps you need to choose the appropriate file as specified according to your chosen source figure.


  • DAZ Studio 3 (free)
  • Victoria 4 or Michael 4 and The Kids 4

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Applying Victoria 4's or Michael 4's UVs to the Kids 4

  1. Load the target figure, in this case The Kids 4
  2. Make sure it is selected, and locate the Surfaces tab
  3. Click on the little arrow in the upper right corner of the Surfaces tab and then click Load UV Set...
  4. You get a file dialog titled "Import Geometry", open the mesh for V4 (../Runtime/Geometries/DAZPeople/blMilWom_v4b.obj) or the mesh for M4 (../Runtime/Geometries/DAZPeople/blMilMan_m4b.obj)
  5. You get a dialog titled "Load UV Set", enter a name (eg V4UV or M4UV) and click OK
  6. In the Surfaces tab, select the surfaces on which the new UVs are to be applied. If you want to select all of them, which is the easiest route, just click on the figure's name at the top of the list of surfaces ("The Kids 4").
  7. In the Advanced tab within Surfaces, scroll down to the UV Maps area and select the new UV set (V4UV or M4UV).

Looking at the K4 figure in the preview you should see that the default K4 textures no longer apply correctly to the figure (mouth, nostrils, etc). This is as it should be; the figure is now ready for textures made for Victoria or Michael.

That's all there is to it. You can now save this modified figure for future use.


  1. thanks for these tips
    when I get a chaance I'll work through the steps

    beats doing it by hand as I have been in photoshop

  2. It doesn't only work for K4: As long as you specify the appropriate geometry file, this method will work for applying any Gen4 texture to any Gen4 mesh. Using DS3, they are all interchangeable using this method, so the seperate UVMapper program is not needed.

  3. Torbayman: I know, and I should have said so in the post. Originally I wrote the DS instructions because the UVMapper approach doesn't work with kids.

    Thanks for pointing it out, I will update the post :)

  4. Your points and tips are truly magnificent Thank you for the help

    1. Thanks for your comment, it's nice to know these are still useful :)